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Give the Gift of a Day

You can help fund the day to day operations of Good News Clinics by donating a day of service.

Daily cost of operation is as follows:

Sam Poole Medical Clinic - $500

Green Warren Dental Clinic - $500

Fund Both Clinics for a Day -

You can choose a specific day of the week to fund, and can make the donation in honor or in memory of someone, or in honor of a special day such as a birthday or anniversary. Donations can be made in a single payment or by pledge. You are invited to join us at the clinic on your day and will also receive an information sheet about the clinics and services you funded.
Some additional gift ideas are as follows:

Gift of medications and laboratory testing for one patient - $30
Gift of a patient visit - $60 (Includes a visit with the provider, laboratory testing, and medications)
Gift of yearly service for one patient - $300

Gift of a work day - donate a day's pay to help those in need 
(per month, per quarter, or as a
                                  one time gift)

Please click donate today or contact us at charlottec@goodnewsclinics.org or 770-297-5040 ext. 320 if you would like to become a Gift of a Day donor or tour the clinic.

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