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Giving Opportunities

Good News Clinics is a charitable organization and the financial support of the community is vital to continue its mission and services. 

Support can be given to any of the following:

Endowment Fund
- $5 million goal
Operating Fund
     - General Expenses
     - Sam Poole Medical Clinic
     - Green Warren Dental Clinic
     - Dispensary
     - Health Access

*Any gift can be given as a memorial or honorarium. 

To donate, choose one of the options below:


To donate with a credit card, click here.


checkTo donate by check:

Complete this form and return with your check (made payable to Good News Clinics) to Good News Clinics, P.O. Box 2683, Gainesville, GA  30503.  Thank you for your support.

Your support makes a difference in our mission to heal, help and provide hope. 

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