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 Health Access enrolled a patient who had been turned away many times from clinics because she did not have insurance or funds to pay for assistance. She was irritable, defensive and exhausted by the medical condition she was experiencing. Health Access was able to provide the medical services needed, thanks to the volunteer general and orthopedic surgeon who took her case.  Recently she came back to Health Access for additional services.  She looked like a new person, exuding confidence, pride, and a happiness that had not been present before.  She proudly talked about her new job that pays well, and she mentioned that she might even be able to get medical insurance after she passed the mandatory wait period. What an encouragement  to see her results! The services provided by the specialty physicians through Health Access allowed her to improve her health and create a much better life. 

Health Access Patient
Health Access received a referral for a patient who needed surgery. She had been to the Emergency Room several times with the same symptoms. Each visit she was discharged with orders to follow up with a surgeon. With no insurance and no funds to pay for surgery, or even a consultation, she continued to go to the ER for the unbearable pain.  The day she came into Health Access was a day that changed her situation in more ways than one. At the initial interview this lady was in apparent pain.  She was taking drugs that made her seem mentally unstable.  She looked as though she had been living a rough life.  HAI was able to get her help from one of the volunteer surgeons.  For the next several months HA received referrals for lab work and various other primary care services. When she returned to Health Access, she was no longer the patient.  This visit she brought with her a lady who also needed the services of Health Access. She was providing the transportation as well as giving the lady a place to live.  The transformation in the first patient was amazing to see. Once looking haggardly and disheveled she was now neatly dressed and had the appearance of health. When asked what she was doing these days her reply was amazing. She was taking a course in mentoring those who are left out of society for one reason or another.  She was hoping to finish the two year study in time to start working full time for a nonprofit that provides services.  When she received help she became determined to do the same for someone else once her health was improved. 

A Changed Life

"I just wanted to express my deepest and sincerest thanks for the work and services your organization has done for me.  If it wasn't for you, I would not be able to walk right now.  Moreover, I have no idea how much a surgical procedure like the one I got for my spine would cost, not to mention the services provided to me by you.  But I do know what you have done for me is pricesless.  God bless each and every one of you for the hard and diligent work you guys provide voluntarily.  Again thank you, because of you I can stand straight and praise Jesus for the men and women He placed in my life to make it all happen."

Health Access Initiative Patient
"When we started Good News clinics our goal was to establish a place where uninsured and under served people in need of basic medical care could receive that care in a compassionate and supportive environment. Even after long days in the office, it was refreshing to work with the volunteer staff at Good News to minister to people who needed and appreciated the care we were able to provide. Over the years, as my medical career has evolved in more of a managerial direction, my continued volunteer work at Good News has allowed me to remain grounded in the reasons that brought me to medicine in the first place - the opportunity to meet individual patients' needs on a very personal basis."

David N. Westfall, MD, CPE
District Health Director, District 2
"I am able to walk again pain free—I feel like I have another life ahead of me.  Thank you again for all you have done for me."

Medical Clinic Patient
One patient at the Sam Poole Medical Clinic recently expressed her appreciation of the services provided in a note to the staff, “I am a single mother with two children and could not see a doctor myself until I heard about Good News, thank you, I was so sick.  I lost my job. I think Good News Clinics saved my life.”  This patient was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes and is now working again and has medical insurance.

“John”, age 50, came to Good News Clinics (GNC) for an eye exam.    When “John” was 20, barbed wire pierced the retina of his left eye  He was told the damage was permanent and had been blind in his left eye for the past 30 years.  During his exam at GNC, the ophthalmologist detected some sensitivity to light in the left eye and diagnosed “John” with an injury-induced dense cataract.  He was referred to an ophthalmologist who performed surgical removal of the cataract, free of charge, and the sight was restored to his left eye after 30 years of blindness.

John's story
"If Good News Clinics had not been there to help him, I think I would have lost my husband."

Wife of patient
"The first time I have ever asked an agency for help was the day I came to Good News Clinics.  I was scared, felt terrible and did not know what to expect.  The wonderful volunteer put me at ease and made me feel like a person again."

New Patient
"Hello, I just want to say that I was really I am impressed with your dental clinic.  Everyone was courteous and very, very fast from the enrollment process to getting the job done!  I just want to say, thank you for all that everyone here does for the community!  You are appreciated for everything.  Good people do exist!  Everyone here is an inspiration of hope for the future during the hard times of life!!!"

Homeless in Gainesville
"I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your kindness and caring and for all you have done for me and each and every other patient that comes in the clinic.  You all are a God send to all of us."

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