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“John”, age 50, came to Good News Clinics (GNC) for an eye exam in June 2010.    When “John” was 20, he had suffered an injury in which barbed wire pierced the r... Read More »
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Good News Clinics Mission

The mission of Good News Clinics is to provide free medical and dental care and specialty referrals to uninsured Hall County residents who cannot afford health care.
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During fiscal year 2015:
The Sam Poole Medical Clinic provided 10,187 medical patient visits.
The Green Warren Dental Clinic provided 6,329 dental patient visits.
Health Access provided 2,140 specialty referral patient visits.

The Good News Clinics Dispensary filled 39,009 prescriptions.

Health Education classes were offered and 1022 patients participated.

Total Value of All Services provided to uninsured residents of Hall County:  over $20 million
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