In 1992 the Good News Clinics (GNC) opened as a nonprofit Christian health center with the charge of nurturing broken bodies and broken souls, and the goal of healing both.

Due to an overwhelming demand for dental care, the Green Warren Dental Clinic was added in 1997, thanks to the generous support of Ann Thomas.

In June 2005 GNC moved into a much larger facility, enabling the clinics to serve a greater number of patients and providing dedicated space for the medical clinic, the dental clinic and the prescription medication dispensary. The Health Access Initiative was combined under GNC’s management in 2011, making it possible for patients to receive specialty services.

The late Dr. Sam Poole served as Good News Clinics’ first medical director. Dr. Poole began working with GNC in the early 1990s after his retirement. He worked tirelessly to help generate donor support and recruit physician volunteers so that some of the most vulnerable neighbors among us could have access to high quality healthcare services.

In 2006 the medical clinic was named in Dr. Poole’s honor through a generous gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.