Meet Our Team

Good News Clinics is blessed with a dedicated team that works tirelessly to fulfill our mission of providing free medical and dental care services and specialty referrals to uninsured Hall County residents who cannot afford health care.


Liz Coates

Executive Director

770-503-1369 Ext. 320

Debbie Van Nostrand

Grants Writer

770-503-1369 Ext. 323

Robin Ketchum

Office & Volunteer Coordinator

770-503-1369 Ext. 325

Julia Baxter

Financial Office

770-503-1369 Ext. 322

Lee Highsmith

Development & Engagement


Lillian Sanchez

Medical Office Coordinator

770-503-1369 Ext. 303

Paola Ruiz

Medical Office Assistant

770-503-1369 Ext. 330 & 770-503-1369 Ext. 301

Dania Calderon

Medical Reception

Ana Martinez

Medical Assistant

Doris Weaver

Nurse Practitioner

Mercia Chavez

Lab Technician

Tricia Howell

Dietician & Nutritionist

Olivia Weismayer


770-503-1369 Ext. 306

Carmen Garcia

Care Manager

770-503-1369 Ext. 331


Dr. Bud Nickels

Dental Director

Kiki Reichlin

Dental Coordinator

Roxana Jiminez

Dental Assistant

Dental Reception

770-503-1369 Ext. 314



Alan Edwards


770-503-1369 Ext. 311

Yolanda Espinoza

Pharmacy Tech

770-503-1369 Ext. 312

Health Access

Becky Loewen


770-297-5040 Ext. 321

Jason Alvarez

770-297-5040 ext. 602

Nischmen Lopez

770-297-5040 ext. 602

Current Board of Directors

Brad Baucom, President

T. Loren Funk, Vice President

Christy Moore, Secretary

Wayne Jessup, Treasurer

Janet Allison, Treasurer Designate

Bushra Alzaraneh

Chris Burns

Geary Bush, MD

Nathan F. Crumley

David Dickerson

Katie Dudas, MD

Mike W. Giles

Lisa Gutman

Lee Lovett

Eduardo Nino-Moreno

Norman Peets, DMD

Kevin Price

Antonio Rios, MD

Monica Russell

Susan Smith

Ron Stowe

Lea Tavani

Chris Wright

Advisory Board

Lynda Askew

Pepper Brown, MD

Jack Hodge

Buddy Langston, MD

Sherrie Schrage

Anne Thomas

Phillip Wilheit

David Westfall, MD