A Letter from our Greater Things Campaign Chair

Dear Friend,

I am so honored to serve as chair of the Greater Things Expansion Campaign as Good News Clinics looks to the future! I feel so very lucky to have grown up in Gainesville, and to have watched my parents’ involvement with the Clinic from its very humble beginnings. It’s been an incredible evolution to witness; from a few patients being seen in a homeless shelter to now having become the largest free health clinic in the state of Georgia.

Good News Clinics will grow to help over 6,000 patients a year following the Greater Things Expansion project.  My parents, Dr. and Mrs. Sam Poole, taught by example that indeed, the “Greater Thing” in life is to give from our abundance to those who are disadvantaged and in need of hope and healing. I look forward to sharing stories of how people’s lives have been transformed, and saved in many cases, by the incredible work of the Clinics!

Thank you to all who have been involved in this amazing 30-year journey of giving! Thank you to the vision of the founders, the inspirational volunteers from the community, our volunteer healthcare providers, every generous individual and corporate donor – and especially, the current leadership who are spearheading this quest for further Hope and Healing in the future.  We hope you will join Dan and me, Ellen, Ginny and the Poole Family Trust in this effort.

Julie Poole Knotts
Greater Things Capital Campaign Chair

“Whoever believes in me will do the things that I do; And greater things than these will they do…”

 -John 14:12