Counting Blessings

By Liz Coates, Executive Director

As I walk around the campus one recent morning, I pray. I pray for the staff, that they’ll be safe and encouraged. I pray for the patients, that they’ll stay well and protected, because many are in fragile health. I also pray thanks.

During the last three weeks as the world shook with the impacts of COVID-19, it also experienced profound blessings. While layoffs are happening in our community, funding for many good causes is being cut, people are grieving “regular” life, and some are even fighting for their lives, there is still much to celebrate.

I started a list of Good News blessings:

  • Masks—sewn in bright colors, donated by construction workers
  • Emergency funds—while one funding source gets cut, another one opens up
  • Medical Directors—volunteers who guide our clinic through uncharted waters
  • The Georgia Department of Public Health—who provides testing and data that we need to get through this
  • Local Journalists—who report important facts, updates, and stories that we all need in order to stay connected
  • Food—as a show of support New Leaf Landscaping, Cigna, and Cresswind Community all reached out show love and support by providing lunch to our staff

This week, a man brought his wife into the clinic for her appointment. Our staff had altered operations and were there to greet them at the door and check their temperatures. The wife was in normal range, but the husband had a slight fever. He was asked how he was feeling, and while he insisted he was fine, our staff noticed a minor cough. The man was asked to go to our tent in the courtyard as we wished to have a provider check him out. In full PPE, a nurse practitioner examined the man and decided to send him for COVID-19 testing, despite the fact that he felt he was alright. He tested positive. This good catch could have stopped transmission to many people. Knowing he was positive empowered him to live responsibly and seek treatment if his symptoms worsened.

We are dealing with a sneaky virus. And Good News Clinics is doing our part to slow the curve.  Help us by donating today to our COVID-19 Support Fund. We need to stay operational for the hundreds of patients we will serve in April and beyond (whether by telemedicine, visit, counseling, or prescription assistance). Our staff, like all healthcare professionals at this daunting time, are showing up to do their part in this crisis, ensuring that the low-income, uninsured are treated equitably. Join us in that mission.  No gift is too small or too large. Together we ARE slowing the curve in our community.