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Clinical Volunteer Needs

If you are a licensed provider of medicine, dentistry, social work or counseling (retirees welcome!) – MD, DO,  PA, NP, DDS, DMD, LSW/LCSW or LPC/LCPC/LPCC/LMHC — and are interested in volunteering clinically at Good News Clinics, please contact Sherri Frankum at 770-297-5040 x328 or via email at


Georgia Volunteer Health Care Program (GVHCP):
  • To increase and promote access to quality health
    care by providing sovereign immunity protection to health care professionals donating services to eligible clients.
  • Sovereign Immunity – A contracted health care
    provider operating within the scope of practice is considered a state officer or employee and therefore immune from liability and suit pursuant to OCGA
  • Federal Tort – Provides protection against allegations of medical malpractice for volunteer free clinic health professionals, board members, officers, employees and/or individuals who have been deemed to be PHS employees. Other free clinic personnel and the free clinic entity or corporation are not eligible to be covered under FTCA. Credentialing must be done by the clinic and clinic must be approved.
  • Good Samaritan – Any person… who in good faith renders emergency care shall not be liable for any civil damages (OCGA 51-1-29)
  • Active license (not provisional, limited,
    restricted, or probationary) with no board orders
  • Act within scope of practice
  • Treat patients determined eligible per GVHCP standards by a designated/trained DPH volunteer.

Employment Opportunities