GNC Ramps Up Hygiene Program!

The Green Warren Dental Clinic provided 200 hygiene appointments in our last fiscal year and kept a long wait list.  It took over two years for some patients on the wait list to receive a cleaning.  GNC is proud to announce that a private donor has helped us secure funding for a new hygiene program!  Here are few reasons this is so important:

  • Good oral health promoted by regular cleanings can prevent infection, loss of teeth, gingivitis and gum disease, periodontitis, heart issues (valves become inflamed by bacterial endocarditis), intestinal failure, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders.
  • Preventative measures provided by a GNC hygienist would reduce gum disease which correlates with stroke, heart disease, pre-term/low-birthweight babies, difficulty controlling diabetes (due to infection that causes insulin resistance).
  • Delta Dental research shows that 90% of systemic diseases have oral manifestations including swollen gums, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, and excessive gum problems. Such diseases include diabetes, leukemia, oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, heart disease, kidney disease.

By offering increased hygiene services, GNC now has more opportunity to catch related disease in earlier stages and help move toward diagnoses of greater health problems.


Good News Clinics is pleased to announce that we have added a part-time hygienist who can accommodate roughly 930 cleaning appointments annually!  This service is based on needs assessed by our dental coordinator and dentists.  Eligible patients may now request hygiene cleanings annually.