Prescription for Health Challenge

What If You Couldn’t Afford Your Medications?

Many of our Hall County neighbors have to choose between paying their rent or paying for their medications; buying groceries or filling a prescription. Everyone should be able to access life-saving medications. But the truth is, not everyone in our community can.

One way in which Good News Clinics offers healthcare to our patients is by providing life-saving medications, prescribed at no cost to the patient. Your donation can help us provide necessary prescriptions which provide our patients a better quality of life. Medications may enable our patients to return to work and care for their families.

Join us in the Prescription For Health Challenge. For the month of June, we would like to challenge you to help us raise $15,000 for medications by July 1. You can help us prescribe better health for our patients and create a healthier community. Please join us in this challenge by donating today!