Servant Spirits

By Robin Ketchum, Good News Clinics Volunteer Coordinator

“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.”  — Luke 12:48

The hearts of servants are stirred by different things; a desire for a greater sense of purpose or meaning in their own life, a way to combat loneliness or depression, a desire to share hard-earned knowledge and skills, to be part of a team, or to establish connections with new people.  But the common thread is always the desire to ‘give back’ to their communities, to share the gifts they have been given. The heart of a servant is often born from empathy for brokenness and an understanding that God’s grace comes to us in the form of one another.

The volunteers at Good News Clinics come from a wide range of expertise. Laborers and physicians, clinicians, business and clerical persons, technology informatic experts, managers and ministers all contribute to the synergy that makes the clinics into a place capable of healing and offering hope. Servant spirits bring with them abilities in organization, project management, landscaping, customer service, problem solving, leadership, painting, process improvement, medical, laboratory, and dental expertise. There’s nothing God can’t use if it is but offered.

Kaye Herth, a long-time clinic volunteer puts it simply and profoundly, stating, “It is a privilege to serve.”  As servant spirits come to us with their offerings, they in turn learn about the mission of The Clinics and develop a better understanding of the needs of our community.  Volunteers help to deliver vital programs and services to patients in need. They work directly and indirectly with patients and experience satisfaction knowing they are part of providing for their neighbors needs. Volunteers gain new skills, build friendships, become a greater part of our community, and our Good News Clinics family.