We are doing many things for the first time at our clinic

  • Rationing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – we are amazed at how God has provided construction N95 masks and boxes of donated gowns to keep our stock sufficient for safety measures to protect our staff and keep us operational.
  • Referrals for COVID testing – we are not a test site but through the Georgia Department of Public Health, we are able to make referrals after triaging our established patients (often by phone) for testing if they meet criteria
  • Teletherapy – our professional counselors are teletherapy certified and working remotely by phone to ensure patients suffering from mental health issues are cared for during this stressful time
  • Registered Dietitian (RD) Telehealth – our disease specific nutrition counseling for at risk patients is happening daily by phone appointment. Many patients are exceeding their scheduled visit times because they are so happy to talk to someone after being home alone for days.
  • Temperatures at the Door – to ensure patients don’t spread illness at this critical time, our staff are in PPE at entrances to screen patients for COVID and redirect any who are symptomatic to the sick tent set up in our courtyard for further triage
  • Telemedicine – to comply with social distancing we are using telemedicine to ensure routine visits and medication refills are available. Care continues!
  • Sick visit tent – scheduled patients with fever, sore throat, or cough are asked to step into our courtyard exam room to be safely triaged. We are not an acute care facility but are doing our part for the community to care for our established patients experiencing symptoms which align with COVID.