Why Good News Clinics Society?

We live in a world sorely in need of Good News. It takes many donors, giving at many levels, to underwrite the light that the Clinics bring to our neighbors experiencing the hardship and darkness of poverty. The Good News Clinics Society is way to honor those who invest most heavily in our mission. We asked the question: How does an organization providing the poor with fundamental healthcare needs which make our community healthier and stronger properly honor the caring individuals and entities who make it possible?  Our response is to create for these major donors a society to which they will belong that recognizes the vital contribution they make to caring for the poor. We are partners together, providing healthcare to the vulnerable. The Good News Clinics Society provides bedrock support on which our mission thrives. They are prestigious donors who have chosen stewardship and responsibility.  Indeed this society is made up of people like the ones in Luke 12:48 who have lived out the call of Jesus by giving abundantly out of their abundance.

Thank you to those who see and meet the need so graciously, because you can and because you care. We are honored by your support and look forward to honoring you for your foremost role in our mission to be Good News in the lives of thousands, year after year.