The Moment It All Changed

By Liz Coates, Executive Director

A patient recently came to us following a traumatic accident. He fell from a ladder and now his life is forever changed. He’ll no longer walk or work or eat or drink without help.

Have you ever had a life-changing moment? One moment, things feel relatively normal, then, one new occurrence – a diagnosis, a slip, a crash, a loss – and suddenly life will never be the same as it was only a moment ago.

These moments have happened in our patients lives. They experience job loss, or cancer, a heart attack, or a simple slip and fall. And the ripples of those moments are marked by loss after loss.

Healthcare is sacred work. In the hospital, it’s being there in THE moment it all changes. At The Clinics it’s being there afterwards, for as long as takes, to build up whatever that moment has broken down.  And it’s not just broken bodies we are in the work of rebuilding—it’s broken hearts and spirits.

At Good News Clinics we offer healthcare to our patients and help them access, with few barriers, services to meet serious needs that would otherwise go unmet. We offer counseling, and prayer. At Good News Clinics we offer, well, Good News.  We cannot fix everything.  But through our mission we can offer the one thing we all need most: HOPE.

Thank you for joining us in this effort. We need you. We need your gifts, your volunteerism, your prayers. We need you to help underwrite our great work of providing HOPE through healthcare.

My mantra this year has slowly but surely become this expression, pure and plain, of HOPE in and for a world sorely in need; “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

May this message of hope sustain and inspire you. And may you know the HOPE of Christmas in a new and profound way.