Greater Things Capital Campaign

John 14:12

Building Hope Through Healthcare

Good News Clinics has made it our mission to follow the instruction of Jesus to care for the poor.

As we look to the future, Good News Clinics’ stakeholders recognize that our facilities must grow in order to keep up with the needs of our community. By expanding our capacity and enlarging our campus, we will enhance our approach to healthcare so that we can educate and empower individuals to take control of their health, in turn helping to prevent serious disease while growing a stronger Hall County. The goal of Greater Things is to improve the quality of life of patients in our area, positively impacting thousands more in the process.

Ultimately, your leadership gift to Greater Things Capital Campaign is an investment that will yield a lasting return: healthy citizens working together to create a vibrant and thriving community and an economically healthy future for us all. We have challenged ourselves with raising $8 million. We hope you will help us.


Pledge Report

$7,696,089 / $8,000,000

Greater Things Capital Campaign Supporters

Signature Gifts Circle

Anne Warren Thomas

Hall County

Charles & Dancy Wynne

Don & Dot Pirkle

Linda Fowler

George & Francis Seelke

Jenny Hager, Winnie Leclercq, Connie Mixon & John Mansfield

Northeast Georgia Health System

V.C. & Mary A. Puckett Foundation

George & Starlet Jones

Daniel & Julie Poole Knotts

David & Faye Westfall

Philip & Mary Hart Wilheit

Friend of The Clinics

Chris Sanders

The Poole Family Trust

David & Shannon Hughs

Allen & Meg Nivens

James & Wynelle Butts

Ellen & Ginny Poole

Lorry & Sherrie Schrage

David & Gail Chester

Special Gifts Circle – For Greater Hope

Buddy & Evie Langston

Larry & Katie Dudas

Greg & Katie Herzog

Joe & Diane Chipman

Fowler Family Foundation

Antonio Rios & Margaret Schutte

Arden Hothem

Susan Johnson

Paul & Glenna Maney





Spencer & Carla Walker 

Brad & Gail Baucom

Elisabeth & Larry Baldwin

Lora & Jody Cooley

Greg & Sherri Frankum

Dixie Truelove & Mike Smith

David & Betsy Jennings Powell

Nathan & Katie Crumley

Zach & Katie Propes



Jonathan & Daniele Cothron

Mohak & Katie Davé

Phil & Lindsay Bonelli

Robert & Julie Ferguson

Ben & Suzie Hawkins

Phillip & Kate Zoercher

Shane & Jennifer Lazenby



Business Gifts Circle – For Greater Help

Syfan Logistics, Inc

Cortjens Realty

Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville

Wayne-Sanderson Farms

Boyd’s Cleaning Service

Fieldale Farms

Jay & Cadie Cooper

Keller Williams Lanier Partners


Chattahoochee Child Psychology

Mar-Jac Poultry

Northstar Printing


Annual Gifts Circle Platinum – For Greater Healing

Tom & Maria Calkins

Bill & Jeanne Coates

Shilla Taylor

Gary & Denise Funk

Bucky & Lee Highsmith

Sandra F. Williams

Thomas & Betty Brown

Loren Funk

Elizabeth Martin

Reese & Susan Daniel

Carol Hanlon

James Kruer & Taff Isaacs

Michelle Prater

Carroll & Sandra Perry

Harlow & Gerda Dodge

Carl Williams

Terry & Claire Bell

Dale Hadley

Elizabeth & Bill Rives

Stewart & Daphaney Teaver

Janet Allison

Alma Murray

Tim & Brook Davidson

Mike Giles

Ted & Asden Johnson

Liz Coates & Garrett Gaddy

Brad & Stephanie Grant

Michael & Mary Casper

Bob & Christie Gregory

Brandon & Julia Bruce

Matt & Katie Dubnik

B J Jackson

Derek & Carol Moore

John & Tracy Vardeman

John DaPrato

Carol Kimbell

Phil & Judy Bush

Laura Ledford

A. Herbert Schutte 

Madeline Wirt

Wiley & Judy Black

Andrew & Michele Piucci

Jim & Lyn Froehlich

Jack & Barbara Griffeth

Smithgall Family Fund

Zameer & Sujata Gill

John & Karlann Bostater

Teresa Funari

Wes & Laura Head

Gloria Cortez

Fortified Fence Group

William B. Jones

Pete Newcomb

Hanson Family Fund

Barry & Janis Cain

Anne Skleder

Paul Chenard

Stephen & Hillary Morgan

Charles Strong

Elaine Wood

David Dickerson